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Saturday, March 5, 2011

3 Greasemonkey Scripts That Will Change Your GMail

Today I am going to start a new series on greasemonkey scripts that will change how you use the web forever. Today, I am going to show you 3 greasemonkey scripts that will change the way you use a familiar component of the web, GMail. As simple as many of these addons sound, you will really notice a huge impact on your productivity. If you don't know what Greasemonkey is, or how to use it, look here:

3. GMailTo

I cannot express what an amazing script this is. Have you ever clicked on an email in a link, only to open outlook or some other e-mail program? This script will open all of your "mailto" links in gmail. This will surely be an addon to your box of greasemonkey scripts.
Get it here:


A great script, pretty much incorporates a smoother, slick interface, removes ads, and makes your inbox full screen. It adds more emoticons and a fixed navigation bar. It really can make an impact on how smooth your gmail interface is.
Get it here:

1. GMail Unread Labels

This is an extremely useful script if you are someone who uses the label/filter function heavily, and you have several labels. This will save screen real estate by only showing the labels that have unread items in them.

Here is a link:

Please elaborate on any other Gmail scripts/addons that you use in the comments!
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  2. i used them for a some time they are really nice ;)

  3. I don't think I've ever used greasemonkey scripts.

    They seem to do a lot of good, might look into it.

  4. nice man, thanks for the info. following

  5. Good to know, I freaking HATE Outlook opening up.

  6. Same as smellme2. Outlook is so annoying, thanks for this post on greasemonkey!

  7. This is great as everyone I know uses Gmail...


    followed. hit me back up bro

  9. Man I can't believe I have never used GmailTo, it will make life so much easier.